Three superb rooms,
three refined themes.

“Louise sur Cour” is an outstanding Guest House, renovated with great attention paid to conserving heritage, and sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates architecture and art.

Built in the Neo-classical style by the architect Gérard Maréchal in 1874 and now a listed heritage building, it has an enormous asset in its position close to Avenue Louise and Place Stéphanie.
Located in the elegant heart of the city, it stands only a stone’s throw from the finest museums and famous-name boutiques on Avenue de la Toison d’Or.

It is original in the way it combines a respectful yet bold renovation, where the eclecticism of the style of the rooms is based on a careful search for exceptional works, plaster staff features, objects, and furnishings, interspersed with works by artist Dimitri Parimeros.

A lift serves the various floors, while the staircase offers a view of portraits from the 19thcentury to contemporary times.